General Fixes

XP Messaging Issue

Players not receiving XP messaging in UEFN islands.

Note: Visual issue, XP is still earned.

Battle Royale Fixes

Security Camera Glitch 

Security Cameras sometimes not showing tracking beams.

Battle Royale Fixes

Mid-Match Objective Bug  

Mid-match objectives in Fortnite tournaments not granting points.

Note: To be fixed in a future update.

Battle Royale Fixes

Crash Pad Jr. Issue   

Players taking fall damage when landing on a Crash Pad Jr.

Note: To be fixed in a future update.

Save the World Fixes

Throwing Star Projectiles Blocked   

Throwing star projectiles blocked in certain water locations.

Mobile and Cloud Fixes

Missing Sprint Button   

Sprint button may be missing on some UEFN/Creative maps for Android players.

Stay Updated

Server Maintenance 

Stay tuned for Fortnite server maintenance for the latest updates.