New Gas Station Scam

New Gas Station Scam

How ‘Pump Switching’ Works and How To Avoid It

Scam Prevalence

The scam has become so widespread that the police in Philadelphia issued a public service alert to warn the public about it.


Targeted Victims

The scam primarily targets individuals who use credit cards to pay for gas at the pump.


Modus Operandi  

Scammers approach unsuspecting victims at the gas pump and offer to pump their gas or hang the nozzle back to complete the transaction.


Misleading Actions  

Instead of closing the transaction, scammers continue pumping gas into their own vehicle or the next customer's vehicle.


Double Charges   

Victims may unknowingly end up with double charges on their credit cards because of the scam, as they pay for their gas and the additional gas pumped by the scammer.


Victim Profiling    

Scam artists often look for victims who appear good-natured or physically weak to offer assistance.


 Aggressive Tactics    

In some instances, scammers have used aggressive tactics, even forcibly taking the nozzle from the victims' hands if their offer of assistance is denied.


Avoiding the Scam

To protect oneself from this scam, it is crucial to stay alert when pumping gas and to decline assistance from strangers who don't work at the gas station.


Safety Measures

Always collect the gas receipt by pressing "End Transaction" to ensure you are only charged for the gas you used. If confronted by a scammer, avoid confrontation and contact gas station staff or the police for assistance.