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Alaina Urquhart

Alaina Urquhart

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Full Name Alaina Urquhart
Date of Birth December 28, 1985
Birthplace Boston, USA
Career Podcaster, Author, Actress
Claim to Fame Co-host of “Morbid: A True Crime Podcast”
Family Married to John White
Children Three daughters: Isla, Lennon, and Bailey (the invisible Puggle)
Education Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, psychology, and biology (specific institution undisclosed)
Net Worth (2023) Approximately $1.25 million
Main Income Source “Morbid: True Crime Stories” podcast
Other Income Sources Sponsorships, memberships, crowdfunding, merchandise sales, live events, affiliate marketing, listener donations, licensing content, premium content creation, selling adaptation rights
Social Media Presence Instagram (281,000+ followers), Twitter, TikTok
Controversies None reported, maintains a clean public image

Meet Alaina Urquhart: The Multi-Talented Podcaster, Author, and Actress

Alaina Urquhart, a 36-year-old American, has made a name for herself in the world of entertainment. She’s best known as the co-host of the popular podcast “Morbid: A True Crime Podcast,” which she runs alongside her niece, Ashleigh Kelley. Let’s take a closer look at her life and career in simple terms.

In her Podcast Alaina talks about scary and mysterious things like crimes that were never solved, people who did bad things over and over, and crimes that were solved a long time ago.

Even though she’s not been famous for a long time, Alaina has already done really well in her job. She makes a lot of money from her radio show, from ads and people who pay her to talk about their stuff. She also makes money from selling her books and from acting in movies and TV shows. Many people are interested in how much Alaina Urquhart net worth is.

Early Life and Background

Born on December 28, 1985, in Boston, USA, Alaina grew up in the same city where she eventually built her career. While we don’t know much about her early life, it’s clear that her journey to success has been impressive.


Family is essential to Alaina. She’s happily married to John White, and they have three lovely daughters, Isla, Lennon, and a pet dog named Bailey. Her strong family bonds have played a big role in her life and career.


Alaina is not just talented; she’s educated too! She earned a Bachelor’s degree, although the name of her college or university remains private. She studied criminal justice, psychology, and biology, which helped her understand crime and human behavior better. This knowledge has been crucial for her success in the world of true crime podcasting.

Personal Life

Alaina’s life revolves around her family and her career. She’s been happily married to John since July 1, 2012, and often shares moments with her family on social media.


Alaina’s big break came with the podcast “Morbid: A True Crime Podcast” in 2018. This podcast covers all things true crime, from mysteries to serial killers. It’s super popular, making Alaina a star in the true crime podcasting world. Besides podcasting, she’s also known for her psychological horror novel, which got a lot of praise.

Social Media

Alaina is quite active on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, where she shares updates and interacts with her fans. She has a massive following, especially on Instagram, with over 281,000 followers.

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Alaina Urquhart Book

Net Worth

As of 2023, Alaina Urquhart net worth (estimated) is around $1.25 million. Most of this comes from her successful podcasting career. She’s also done freelance work in writing and production for various media outlets, adding to her income. Here’s how her net worth has grown over the past five years:

2023: $1.25 Million
2022: $1 Million
2021: $750,000
2020: $610,000
2019: $500,000

Alaina’s financial future in podcasting looks bright, and she’s expected to keep earning well


Alaina Urquhart has kept a clean public image throughout her career. Her focus on true crime and her dedication to her family and profession have kept her out of major controversies. She’s known for her work in the podcasting and true crime communities, where she’s received lots of love and recognition.

In conclusion, Alaina Urquhart’s journey from Boston to becoming a renowned podcaster, author, and actress is truly inspiring. Her dedication to her craft, strong family values, and education have driven her to success. With her growing fan base and thriving career, her impact on the entertainment world is undeniable. As she continues to create exciting content and connect with her audience on social media, we can only expect her influence to grow even more.


Does alaina still work as an autopsy tech?

Alaina, an autopsy technician. She studied criminal justice, psychology, and biology, which helped her understand crime and human behavior better.

What town does Alaina Urquhart live in?


What does Alaina Urquhart do for a living?

Alaina Urquhart is a Podcaster, Author and actress.

How many books has Alaina Urquhart written?

Butcher and the Wren -A Novel. Books are available in English, Spanish Edition, German Edition and Catalan Edition.

How are Ashleigh and Alaina related?

Ashleigh is the Niece of Alaina. A popular podcast “Morbid: A True Crime Podcast,” Alaina runs alongside her niece, Ashleigh Kelley

How much Alaina Earns?

Alaina Urquhart Net worth is around $1.25 million.

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